Why was Machu Picchu important to the Incas?

Why was Machu Picchu important to the Incas?

The age of the incredible stone ruins is found in a number of locations across Peru that are often the source of debate between academics and independent researchers all they incur or all the in fact much older. Because what we’re looking at is made of stone we call on day two by conventional methods and although it isn’t hard to see the different styles of construction at places such as Machu Pichu and because current self the official narrative still says the older means we see our income. Why was Machu Picchu important to the Incas?

Research is by Brian Forster and Ben from uncharted acts have shown the different phases of construction in videos on their outstanding channels and in this video by Ben which are willing to learn the description he gives a brief explanation of the three distinct star use of masonry. As he explains the oldest is called had on the patch the large monolithic call blocks of stones that are often found at the bottom layers of architecture they are often surrounded by late to structures and build directly upon by late to people. Who discovered Machu Picchu?

The next phase and Staryu is orange patch your classic megalithic star you a polygonal masonry the larger precisely fitted start and stop founder Crisco and I’m December as well as Machu Pichu is self. Finally, there is you can patch the traditional into star you of masonry. In appearance, it is distinctly Rapha with clay gaps between blocks although sometimes there is more so. It’s not particularly precise but it was certainly functional and is the main dominant masonry type of Machu Pichu.


What is the history behind Machu Picchu?

Here we can see a picture by exploring here from being the shows the contrast between you can purchase stonework the in the patch should be logged as you can see the storm workable is a lot rougher than the one B. log. There is no doubt that the included building a large scale at Machu Pichu but most independent researchers believe the Harlem patches or input just our work was created by much earlier people the ancient ancestors of the Inca but because of the problem with dating starting work, we certainly come to prove this theory. Why was Machu Picchu important to the Incas?

The great explorer at the end of the twentieth century Hey room being who’s remembered for rediscovering Machu Pichu you also believe that the reason the origins of the settlements predated the Inca in fact the concept is pretty much his I. day. Just to note I’ve included many of his amazing black and white photographs in this video they were taken from his 1912 excavation and if you post a video in each photograph you can read the caption this written by being. Also, I should say the big room wasn’t actually the first person to find Machu Pichu as the famous location was already known by local farmers I also appear in the nineteenth-century German map but Bingham’s work on this site was groundbreaking. Why was Machu Picchu important to the Incas?

In 1913 book the weather company for the previous expedition of 1912 he explains an important ancient Incan tradition and is this story that is the basis for the I. D. the ancient people lived on the road to Machu Pichu way before the Inca Empire was established. Ben on untrusted eggs for the same passage in his article I would talk to the origins of Machu Pichu as well both for the sake of clarity I’ll read it again.

Why was Machu Picchu important to the Incas?

Bigham says a story told to some of the early Spanish chroniclers in regard to but distinct historical events from somewhat as follows. Thousands of years ago they lived in the highlands of Peru megalithic folk who developed a remarkable civilization and who left is all potential records search cyclopean structures as the fortresses of sex a whole mind and a lot to talk about these people were attacked by barbarian holds coming from the south possibly from the origins find pumpers they were defeated inflate into one of the most inaccessible ending Kenyans. Hey in a region strongly defended by nature the established themselves Hey their descendants lived for several centuries.

The chief place was cool temperate talk are eventually regaining their military strength becoming crowded in this mountainous valley they left time to talk to and under the leadership of three brothers went sour three windows okay leaves and started because of car. The migration was slow and deliberate the eventually reach because car and they’ve established the Inca king dome which to several centuries spread by the conquest of the entire plots are and even as far south as cheaply and as far north as I could go.

This interim part had reached his heart when the Spaniards came. Respondents were told the temper Tucker was at playschool peccary tempo to a small village a day’s journey southwest of course car and located in the apartment valley. The chronicle is Judy noted this location and it’s been taken for granted ever since that time to talk is it Parker Tom who.

Why was Machu Picchu important to the Incas?

A pack of the temple itself only a small remark rest house was discovered and certainly nothing that must imagine told to the Spanish chroniclers. There were no windows all caves as mentioned in the regions no defense is out to you to expect a no signs of a lost city even the topography of the land didn’t lend itself to a rational connection to Tom to talk are. But what about Machu Pichu it’s a place that all to be displays evidence of building by different generations all civilizations.

The old order in Patcham megalithic work also contains a structure with three windows a famous structure the researchers by Brian in the band of shown in that video who’s also a structure noted by here on being you connected it to the ancient Peruvian legend. Machu Pichu is one of the most conspicuous and best deal structures in South America. I’m thinking thought steadying kiss purposely deceived the Spaniards into placing temp tacos southwest of course car when it was actually to the north of Machu Pichu they were trying to protect it from the Spanish invaders.

This big M. says the Incas knew the Machu Pichu in the most inaccessible part of the Andes was so safely hidden in tropical jungles on top of gigantic precipices the Spaniards would not be able to find it and rest of a guarded to the spots. Therefore I was naturally to their advantage to conceal the secrets of the actual location of time to talk about a place which they traditions most of letting them venerates. Temp translates to a place of temporary abode and taco means windows. Why was Machu Picchu important to the Incas?

It’s become explains the presence of windows in the houses of Machu Pichu matches the meaning of the name Tom who talk are we train the two words are put together literally translates to the place of temporary residence whether all windows. Furthermore the three conspicuous windows in the principal temple this the tradition of the three brothers coming out of the three windows. Who discovered Machu Picchu?

It’s poker free and the location of Machu Pichu also meets the description in the legend. Today many scholars I truly believe the time to talk is a mythical place and simply Paul to the Inca creation myth. But some believe it was a real place and chronicles all the one by Coleman a sixteenth-century Peruvian noble says that the ink around sisters came from lake Titicaca and from T. one off the pace home to the famous gateway of the soon and also promote poker.

From there the entire time to talk before going on to cause car which if true charges that maybe the city the aged and current sisters were fleeing was fallen south in Bolivia. This book translated into English as the first new chronicle was finished in 1650 and it was sent to King Philip the third of Spain to give him a historical account of the LDS people of South America all the way up to the Inca and the Spanish conquest.

Why was Machu Picchu important to the Incas?

The book was never published of the many centuries it was lost before being discovered in the Royal Danish Library in Copenhagen in 1908. Hi, miss narrative in the history of Peru is set to be inaccurate I’m not so coding to our modern understanding but it’s I’ve just ordered a copy number reading it in the coming days although by all accounts it isn’t an easy book to follow. I don’t think we should dismiss the accounts of a native in care of noble status but we should be aware of the politics of the day you could have influence with the preview natives actually wanted the king of Spain to narrow. It is also highly Christianized which of course is not the native religion in South America there are lots of mentions of Adam eve Noah in Jesus I do not really do get in the way of real history. Why was Machu Picchu important to the Incas?

But to give credit to poems words historians today you can see a link between the iconography of T. one all crew including the gateway of the sun and the later in K. I can Griffey. There is a clear and obvious link and so it does seem feasible that people were driven out of T. one all crew and then traveled north and settled in Peru may be a Machu Pichu. What U. P. Chu is a wonderfully picturesque larger will present city untouched by Spanish towns and you to the fact there are at least two distinctly different stars of masonry below the traditional in custom work Machu Pichu may well be an ancestral home is being cut the pace they settled in after leaving lake Titicaca many hundreds of years before the interim Paul yeah was defeated by the Spaniards. Who discovered Machu Picchu?

The official narrative is that Machu Pichu innocents are receipt was built in just 18 days and the century before the Spanish invasion hoping them could see the faces of work I could see that was building Hey I’ve had many many generations. There was building work on a large scale in the fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries but that does look to be a number of phases of work.

The later phases respectively Elia so it is possible that the earliest on what could well have been viewed as the work of the ancestors I don’t know I love to hear your thoughts so please do comment below are. What the Spanish did to the anchor was an absolute disgrace with a population decline ratio of 58 to warm between 1520 in 1571 as well as brutally murdering the indigenous people the Spanish also introduced infectious diseases the wiped out so many there was also a slave men’s pillaging and destruction from warfare I’m thousands of income women were taken I’m used to servants and concubines. Who discovered Machu Picchu?

They also removed as much of the native culture as possible forcing that alien god-fearing religion of Christianity on to them. The origins of Christianity in South America breaks just about every single, amendment in the Bible and every single teaching if Jesus so although I myself am not religious if the Bible really is the word of god at least those that destroyed the Inca and now burning in hell maybe that’s a bit harsh well I think is justified..





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Why was Machu Picchu important to the Incas?


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